We have been watching the forecast for Ghosts, Goblins, and Gearheads all week. Sunday has not improved. Here is what we are going to do:

Friday’s schedule, entry and payouts remain the same.

Saturday’s schedule remains the same. Sunday’s purse is rolled into Saturday’s, making it $4000 to win, $1000 runner up, $300 semis, and $50 round money in both no box and box. The entry fee is $130, and reentry is $60. Juniors will double also, $600 to win, $200 runner up, $50 semis. $80 entry fee, $40 for buybacks.

We will not race at all on Sunday. Gates will be open for those staying over to Sunday.

Racers can buy weekend entry, as posted, to race for the posted payouts Friday, and the doubled payouts Saturday. All forms of double entry in the same class are allowed (2 tech cards must be purchased, 2 different car numbers must be used), as is double classing.

We ran through various options, and none were 100% ideal. We feel this is the best way to deal with what Mother Nature is showing us for Sunday. We want everyone to come out, have a great time, see some great racing, have a blast with the kids trick or treating, the creativity in the costume contest, and enjoy Trainwreck afterwards. We look forward to all the fun on and off the track. Thank you for your understanding and support.